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AAPPT, LLC provides assistance in the accumulation, protection, preservation and transfer of the assets which you require to meet material needs and achieve your financial goals. Years of financial, investment, tax and legal experience help us holistic unique strategies to achieve and maintain financial independence, save you time, assist in leaving your legacy and giving you peace of mind.

We provide independent financial advice and consultation in conjunction with other investment practitioners, by helping professionals, business owners and retirees plan their lives and make difficult decisions from a moderate/conservative prospective. My credentials include being a financial advisor, an attorney, CPA, prior certification as a CFP, having an MBA with emphasis in taxation, and being a graduate of the United States Naval Academy with merit.

I am your Wealth/Legacy Planner/Practitioner™.

Why?  We maintain a sense of self-worth by knowingly providing this service in return for a modestly nice income.

Securities offered through:

Dempsey Lord Smith LLC
901 Broad Street, Suite 400
Rome, Ga 30161


Our website is organized in conjunction with our name: Asset Accumulation, Protection, Preservation, and Transfer, LLC. The underlying concept is that we cover an individual’s life cycle: accumulating assets, protecting them, preserving them, and finally transferring them. HOWEVER, for your convenience, we have created a SITE MAP with an associated search box for you to find information on a subject you desire.


“An Investment In Knowledge Pays The Best Interest” – Benjamin Franklin

“You May Be Whatever You Resolve To Be” – Thomas Stonewall Jackson

“The World turns with you or without you; plan your own trip.”  –  John Cory